World’s First Chicken Nugget Tasting Room Opens in Sebastopol

Those crazy wonderful Hip Chicks from Hip Chicks Farms are at it again...this time with a tasting room you won't believe.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To pair its nuggets with a tasty chardonnay at Wine Country’s newest tasting room.

Sebastopol’s Hip Chicks, whose organic chicken fingers are now sold in more than 5,000 stores, have opened The Kitchen, a chicken nugget tasting room and lunch counter featuring “flights” of their original, ketchup and maple chicken fingers, fried buttermilk chicken sandos, a chicken meatball sub, turkey burger, egg sandwich with sweet potato hash, apple cider corn dogs and local beer and wine selections.

Chef/owner Jennifer Johnson, a Chez Panisse alum founded the company with her wife, Serafina Palandech, to provide healthy, sustainable and most-importantly family-friendly foods, starting with their nuggets, and expanding to other products like breakfast sausage, meatballs and grilled chicken strips. 

124 South Main St., Sebastopol, open Tuesday through Saturday from 11a.m. to 2p.m.,