Bravas: Coming to Hburg

Stark's announce tapas bar

Ravenous Cafe | Mark Aronoff

Ravenous Cafe | Mark Aronoff
Ravenous Cafe | Mark Aronoff

Bravas (Spanish for “wild”) will be the Spanish-style Tapas bar replacing Ravenous in Healdsburg.

Taking over are Mark and Terri Stark, owners of Willi’s Wine Bar, Willi’s Seafood, Stark’s Steak and Seafood and Monti’s. Inspired by a trip to Barcelona, Chef Mark Stark plans to incorporate iconic Spanish ingredients like Iberico hams and piquillo peppers into his own style of Wine Country cuisine.

The forthcoming restaurant is also slated to include a “Sidra” or hard cider bar. Commonplace in Northern Spain, cider is naturally aerated by being poured in a thin stream from high above the bar. There will also be a lineup of sherries, local wines and creative cocktail offerings. Owners say to look for a summer 2012 opening.
Early this year, it was announced that Stark Reality Restaurants, owners of , had purchased the restaurant formerly known as Ravenous in Healdsburg.