Local Pizza Gets a Farm-to-Table Makeover

Santa Rosa pizzeria makes their own pepperoni, use local artisan cheeses, produce for a unique pie.

Borolo Pizza farm to table pies. Courtesy Photo.

CLOSED Ever wondered what exactly was in the pepperoni on your pizza? Probably better not to ask too many questions.

For that reason, we love the idea of a farm-to-table pizza takeout/delivery service that uses local meats, cheeses and produce for their creatively-inspired pies — including making their own pepperoni.

Cinnamon rolls with nutella at Borolo Pizza in Santa Rosa. Heather Irwin/PD
Borolo Pizza farm to table pies also makes cinnamon rolls. Courtesy Photo.

The new owners of Borolo’s Pizza, a long-time Santa Rosa pizzeria, are bringing a sustainable, local philosophy to their original sourdough crust pies.

Working with farmers (including buying their own pigs), they’re creating one-of-a-kind pizzas including the Sonoma (spinach, mushrooms, onions, garlic, Estero Gold cheese), Pepperoni Blue Cheese with Point Reyes blue (surprisingly fascinating flavors that work), and possibly the world’s most perfect Hawaiian pizza, with Sonoma Meat Company bacon, organic pineapple and a bit of unicorn magic.

Borolo pizza, Sonoma Pizza. Heather Irwin/PD

We’re also fans of their house cinnamon buns, made with their own dough and topped with Nutella if you’ve got a sweet hankering. Pizzas come in medium and large, and range from $15 to $20 each.

Borolo’s Pizza is at 500 Mission Blvd. South, Santa Rosa, 707-539-3937, borolospizza.com.


18 thoughts on “Local Pizza Gets a Farm-to-Table Makeover

  1. So the store has been closed the last two weeks and no sign posted if they will reopen…..anyone know what’s up?

  2. I would give this a top rating for customer service and timely delivery. However, the pizza itself was disappointing, bland, and the dough was overworked, resulting in a tough texture. Also not a fan of the salad dressing, which was cursed with an oversbundance of garlic.

  3. This is a failed concept all over sonoma county. Hate the farm to table, never good and always over priced. Dozens of failed restaurants all over sonoma county. You can only satisfy so many hippies. Are you willing to eat a 30 dollar bland pizza?

    1. Hi Russ- We’re trying our best to find that sweet, tasty spot between sourcing from and supporting our local producers who make an abundance of amazing food, and just making good old fashioned easy pizza. Its been a rough start, but we think it’s starting to come around….. We love the community we’re building amd we hope you’ll check it out sometime!

  4. Just looked at their menu. They got rid of the Martinez? NOOOOOOOOO! 🙁 As an OG Borolo’s employee from 1993, this saddens me. In fact, the whole menu seems to have changed. But I will probably give them a try anyway.

    1. The Martinez was one of my favorites as well. We’re looking to source chickens locally and provide something similar to the Martinez again. Come on in and we’ll make you any pizza you’d like, so long as we have the ingredients;)

    1. Hi Richard,
      Some of us are cute. You’ll have to come in and decide for yourself….There is nothing wrong with Round Table, and we won’t be for everyone! We’re doing our best, and we hope you’ll give it a shot sometime and support some local small businesses, but if not, a good old King Arthurs is super tasty, too 🙂

  5. OK this is pretty awesome!! I avoid CAFO meats and dairy, so this is pretty cool! I am gluten free as well, so the sourdough crust meets that requirement. I might be able to have pizza again!?!?! WOOT~

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