Warning to drivers on Highway 101 near Rohnert Park — you may be severely distracted on Nov. 6 as the scent of freshly baked glazed Krispy Kreme donuts fills the air once more. That, or trying to figure out why hundreds of people are wrapped around the former El Torito on Election Day. Hint: They’re waiting for a chance to win a year of free donuts.

At precisely 6 a.m., Sonoma County’s newest donut shop throws open the doors. The first 25 guests in line get 365 days of glazed, chocolate-covered, strawberry-filled goodness gratis. The next 75 get a mug. Past that, you’ll have to settle for the satisfaction of buying fresh donuts for your grateful co-workers.

A former Krispy Kreme on Santa Rosa Ave. closed several years ago without much explanation, dimming its “Hot Now” sign to the consternation of fans. Replaced by a Starbucks, most were mollified, if not thrilled. Krispy Kreme has been satisfying the national sweet tooth since 1937, and fans know that when the red neon sign is on, that means warm donuts are ready for eating.

If you’re headed over on Tuesday, the location is 5090 Redwood Dr., Rohnert Park.

George Barahona contributed to this article.