Jessica Chastain buys her Santa Rosa mom a vegan food truck

Jessica Chastain buys her Santa Rosa mom a vegan food truck

Here’s the 411 on Seed on the Go…

SHOCKER…Jessica Chastain’s mom has a food truck in Santa Rosa??

So, BiteClub’s known about Jerri Hastey’s vegan/raw foods cooking for years. She once had a small restaurant called Seed in the SOFA area.

But we missed the part where Hastey was actress (and Academy Award nominee) Jessica Chastain’s madre. With recent appearances on Ellen and a blurb in People Magazine, the actress has been touting her mom’s new food truck, Seed on the Go from coast to coast. And that’s making for some pretty curious Sonoma County folks who’ve been catching Hastey at the Saturday Farmer’s Market at the Santa Rosa Veteran’s Building and hiring her for catering gigs.

With dishes like white truffle risotto with asparagus, tofu Benedict, and “sea cakes” with lemon chive aioli, and the much-touted Chia Seed Parfait, Seed on the Go is more than just sprouts and veggie burgers.

With Amy’s Kitchen about to open a vegetarian fast food restaurant, more and more vegan-friendly menus (see last week’s column online), Hastey is hitting a healthy food trend that’s getting major traction. You can keep tabs on the truck by visiting their Facebook page at

Seed on the Go's Chia Parfait

Seed on the Go’s Chia Parfait