The new outpost of Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar opens Monday, May 14, 2012 in Petaluma’s Theater District.

Think again if you’re expecting a carbon copy of the Santa Rosa restaurant. It’s more like an evolution, said co-owner Kevin Cronin.  The 25-item menu includes some familiar favorites (calamari fritti, housemade burrata, margherita pizza) but ventures into new territory with a dedicated latteria (a cheese bar) featuring Ramini buffalo mozzarella, braised leeks with burrata and stretched-to-order mozzarella. “In Petaluma, we’re reflecting the focus on cheese and dairy,” said Cronin.

Also added to the menu are dishes including tripe, Italian Surf and Turf (roasted pork belly with Drake’s Bay crispy oysters), a Clam Pie with Manila clams, a smoked brick chicken pizza and a piadini (flatbread) Po Boy with oysters, remoulade, romaine, shaved fennel and bacon vinaigrette.

Gluten-free pizzas are available. Because no one should have to miss out on this opening. 25+ wines by the glass, plus beer. No dessert, cause they don’t do that.

Rosso Pizzeria Petaluma, 151 Petaluma Blvd S., Petaluma