Rasta Dwight's Barbecue Ribs and Macaroni

Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue Ribs and Macaroni

BiteClub stopped in for a few (okay like four) plates of barbecue at Rasta Dwight’s new barbecue spot inside Quincy’s Pub in Rohnert Park.

After all the hubbub from longtime fans, expectations were set high, but started sinking when we didn’t see or smell a smoker anywhere and got a cold corn muffin wrapped in plastic.

Rasta Dwight's Barbecue Jerk Chicken

Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue Jerk Chicken

The takeaway? While we can’t say we were blown away by the ‘que (or the service), we did enjoy the tangy mustard greens ($2.25, homestyle mac ($2.25) and barbecue tri-tip ($10.50) enough for a possible return trip.

But purple sweet potato pie ($6.25)? That one still has us perplexed. What’s your take?

Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue at Quincy’s Pub and Cafe, 6590 Commerce Blvd  Rohnert Park, CA 94928
(707) 393-1626. Open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 3pm. Available for dine-in or takeout.

Rasta Dwight's Barbecue Sweet Potato Pie

Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue Sweet Potato Pie

Rasta Dwight's Barbecue Menu

Rasta Dwight’s Barbecue Menu