Summer came to Spring Lake swimming lagoon weeks ago, as kids and parents flocked to the new play area to beat the unseasonal heat. But if you wanted a cool drink or a hot dog at the nearby concession stand, no luck.

Since restaurateur Nino Rabbaa closed his Spring Lake Grill last year, the walk-up cafe and patio has been tightly shuttered—which wasn’t a real problem until the water park reopened in late May. Folks have been asking Biteclub continuously if there would be a new restaurant in the space for 2017, and the answer, finally, is yes.

A Walnut Creek company, Sycamore Concessions Corporation, has been awarded the regional parks contract to operate the eatery. The business operates food concessions at a number of Northern California parks. Officials for Sonoma County Regional Parks say Sycamore’s was the only proposal submitted.

A sample menu shows a very kid-friendly and economical lineup of sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, simple salads, fries, fruit and veggie snacks (oh, we like the strawberry shortcake kabobs), ice cream, yogurt parfaits, and smoothies. Farm-to-table fare it is not, but at a water park do you really want $12 avocado toast and oysters with mignonette for the kiddos?

Opening dates are still in flux, waiting for health permits from the county, but should be soon.