Dear BiteClub
Where are the best places to get a beer/drink in the sunshine? For such an outdoorsy place, most places are so indoors and gloomy.
– Seasonally Affected and Disorderly

Dear SAD,

You are so right. Many of the best spots for beer happen to be, well, a little gloomy. Or tiny. Or like you’re sitting inside an ashtray.

But fear not, there’s hope, Sudsters! Because what’s better than drinking a little hops and barley in the sunshine? Come out of the cave, oh bearded beer drinkers and into the bright light of day! BiteClub’s Top 10 spots for beer and sunshine.

1.  Lagunitas Tap Room (Petaluma)
2. Underwood Bar & Bistro (Graton)
3. Coppola winery’s Rustic Restaurant (or by the newly opened pool)
4. Bear Republic (Healdsburg)
5. Hopmonk (Sonoma/Sebastopol)
6. Healdsburg Bar and Grill
7. Stumptown Brewery (Guerneville)
8. Blue Label at the Belvedere (Santa Rosa)
9. Demsey’s (Petaluma)
10. Rocker Oysterfeller’s (Bodega Bay)

REVISED: You guys are right, I did miss a few big ones. Thanks for the insight.

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