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No-cook Thanksgiving

You could wake up at 4am and stick your hand into the backside of a frozen turkey. You could slave away in the kitchen all day just to have your mother tell you the potatoes are lumpy and the gravy lacks her special touch. And,...

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Yak cheese with that?

Yak cheese is big news. Having just returned from a week in Italy where he commiserated with thousands of farmers and chefs, local poultry king Jim Reichardt (the Liberty Duck guy) gave BiteClub the download on this year’s...

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Michelin dining. No wait.

Recently Sebastopol’s tiny K&L Bistro received a highly coveted Michelin star, along with a handful of other well-known Wine Country haunts. Gasps were heard ’round the North Bay as eager diners saw any hope of...

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Finger food

Petit fours are quite possibly the cutest food ever invented, making them compulsory for any event involving: TeaPregnant womenMeeting-your-mother-in-lawAny combination of the aforementioned.Homemade? Phooey. Get your desserts...

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Matzo Madness

Unless you have A). A Jewish mother or B). Survived flu season in Manhattan, you may not understand why I have spent the last five hours looking for Matzo ball soup in Santa Rosa. Suffice to say that on a cold, rainy, absolutely...

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Best/Worst Halloween candy

I’ve never quite understood the logic of some people when it comes to Halloween treats. Mercifully, most sane people understand that children like things that actually taste good, like chocolate. A few are too well-meaning...

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Cafe Saint Rose

CLOSED First the foodies found it. Then the chefs found it. Now, the rest of Santa Rosa is getting wind of what may be one of the better restaurants to open ’round these parts in, well, let’s just say its been a bit...

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