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First look at West County Grill

I arrived at 5pm. The doors opened at 5:30. To say the tension was palpable would be an understatement.The waiters huddled around an impromptu staff meal awaiting instructions. Cooks fiddled with their mis en place, checking and...

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Posted By: saundra (20/03/2007 9:34:15 AM)Comment: Gary Chu’s in Santa Rosa is serving shark fin soup. Sharks are captured, their fins cut, then they are thrown back in to die of wounds or eaten by others. This is...

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ZIN Restaurant & Wine Bar

Zin serves deviled eggs without apology.Potato and fried onion casserole without flinching.A Blue Plate Pot Roast every Tuesday to a packed house. Here, comfort food rules and no one walks away from the table hungry.Riffing on...

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Absolutely Crabulous

There are crab cakes. And there are crab hockey pucks.Crab cakes have, uh, actual crab in them. In fact, the main ingredient needs to be crab. Crab hockey pucks are those nasty, greasy little things chefs try to pass off as crab...

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Cocktail hour at Cyrus

The cocktail menu at Cyrus reads like a J. Peterman catalog, minus the quirky illustrations of wrinkle-free travel dresses. But it has that same breathless, exotic quality that compells you to spend 10 minutes ignoring your...

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Artisan Cheese hangover

‘She’s press, she’s not just weird,’ apologized my friend as I was hunched awkwardly over a plate of cheese stuffed pork, trying to get an elusive shot for my personal pork photo collection. The chef...

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Round Table redeemed?

I’d all but given up on Round Table Pizza after one too many lackluster birthday party pizzas. And soccer party pizzas. And school event pizzas. (Though I’ll admit that judging any restaurant when surrounded by...

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