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Mother's Day

Brunch is so ho-hum. This year take mom for a seaside afternoon, an eco-hike, or a day of pampering in Petaluma. Then, have brunch.Seaside getaway to Bodega BayEat: Bodega Bay’s Seaweed CafĂ© hosts ‘7 Courses in...

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Willi's Wine Bar

Willi’s Wine Bar isn’t new. It doesn’t have a maitre d’, a cheese cart or a celebrity chef. It’s inconvenient to get to and the whole “small plate” thing can add up to a damn fortune....

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La Texanita

Chilaquiles. It’s been called the Mexican hangover cure for its amazing restorative powers. I call it the cure for whatever’s gnawing at your craw.All the requisite mood/metabolism enhancers are present and accounted...

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Oh Southern Comfort

Chas Langley isn’t one for formalities. Standing in the barebones kitchen of Honey Biscuits, he hollers, “Now, make sure you get the Styrofoam plate in that picture. That’s kind of my trademark.”...

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Eat local. Dammit.

Local is the new organic. Meaning that buying tasty little organic kiwis from New Zealand is nice and all, but you’ve just helped destroy the ozone with god knows how much jet and diesel fuel getting it here. You cad,...

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Phyllis' Giant Burgers

Five words: Phyllis’ Giant Burgers is open.Don’t miss: The cheese steak is a monster of a meal, with green peppers, onions and juicy, greasy meat on a fresh roll. Homemade milkshakes of every flavor and hue make it...

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Bacon on a trapeze

I realize I’m coming to the party about three years too late. Postmodern cuisine–you know, that wacky food created with foam, lasers and the powdered essence of an extinct Chilean tree frog–has seen its star...

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Doug's Cased Meats Emporium

Sausage is a religion in Chicago. And Hot Doug’s is the high altar where locals come to pray from 10:30am to 4pm daily in a steady stream of devotion. We all stand quietly, penitently in a growing line that snakes down the...

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Report from Chicago

Chicago in April is cold. As in an maybe 37 degrees and sleeting–in stark contrast to the lush, almost summer-like conditions I left in Sonoma County last week. Now granted, it was a little thick-headed, but thinking of...

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