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Cocktail hour at Cyrus

The cocktail menu at Cyrus reads like a J. Peterman catalog, minus the quirky illustrations of wrinkle-free travel dresses. But it has that same breathless, exotic quality that compells you to spend 10 minutes ignoring your...

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Artisan Cheese hangover

‘She’s press, she’s not just weird,’ apologized my friend as I was hunched awkwardly over a plate of cheese stuffed pork, trying to get an elusive shot for my personal pork photo collection. The chef...

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Round Table redeemed?

I’d all but given up on Round Table Pizza after one too many lackluster birthday party pizzas. And soccer party pizzas. And school event pizzas. (Though I’ll admit that judging any restaurant when surrounded by...

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Cafe Martin

Goobers and popcorn are not my idea of eating well.So, you may understand why, despite threat of punishment, I often take my own nourishment to the movie theater. I’m just that kind of rebel.But it appears the folks at the...

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Glen Ellen getaway

Looking at your watch could very well get you kicked out of John Raymond’s cheese shop. So don’t do it. Instead, kick back and settle in for a leisurely tasting while the quirky Glen Ellen cheese monger walks you...

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Nirvana Indian Fusion Sanctuary

Though BiteClub didn’t initially grasp the concept for the ‘Indian Fusion Sanctuary’ that recently opened on Mendocino (in the former Tahini Grill space), you can now count us among the believers.Taking...

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Mixx closed? Plus some openings

Changes in Railroad SquareThings are looking up, food-wise in Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square lately. Along with one suspected closure-Toad in the Hole Pub is set to open shortly. Always in need of more late-night spots...

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