BiteClub Everyday Eats

Despite what some of you may think, the life of a food writer isn’t all foie gras and Kobe beef. Not by a long-shot.

Like everybody else, I eat plenty of bad take-out, mega chain burgers, Lean Cuisines and hot dogs.
And during most of those everyday meals, I pretty much shut off my foodie brain and try to get the whole thing over as quickly as possible, dreaming of my next great culinary adventure.

But sandwiches are another thing entirely. I’m a sandwich snob. Not in a prosciutto and sundried tomato way (though I do like those very much), but more in a “Is this roll crunchy? Is this meat overly processed? Is that avocado fresh?” kind of way. I actually have a mental checklist just for mayonnaise (must be slightly sweet, not overly glopped on and in no way resemble my arch nemesis, Miracle Whip).

So you may not be too surprised to know that when it comes to soft rolls and shaved meat, I have some definite preferences. Several big names don’t make my list. Frankly, there are some pitifully over-rated spots around these parts that survive mostly on good will. I also avoid chains whenever possible (you’ll see that I make one notable exception) because of some nasty run-ins with slimy meat and salt overload.

Instead check out some of the locals-only spots where I hang out (frequently), and don’t be too surprised if I’m number 37 to your 38 at the deli counter, ordering a straight-up turkey and cheese or salami and mustard.

Life can’t be all champagne wishes and caviar dreams.


BiteClub’s All Star Lunch On the Run Sammich Line Up

– Today’s New Favorite: BBQ beef on Dutch Crunch with onions, cheddar and mayo from Sam’s Market on South E and Clark, Santa Rosa. Serious sandwich artistry.

– Absolute best carne asada tortas are at the taco truck outside Joyeria Angelica on Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa.

Turkey and swiss cheese from Big John’s Food Center in Healdsburg

Pesto and mozzarella Panini from Santa Rosa’s Fourth St. Deli (corner of Fourth and Mendocino)

– Traverso’s smoked turkey and sundried tomato spread

Pork cheek at Healdsburg’s Bovolo

Pearson’s grilled veggie sandwich

– Okay, don’t hate me, but Safeway makes a mean turkey, avocado on a sourdough roll. Slathered with mayo, it’s a little bit of heaven.

Where are your favorite sandwich spots?