8 Best Sonoma Wineries and Wine Bars for Young Wine-Lovers

New to the wonderful world of wine country wine? We've lined up some of the best Sonoma County spots for developing your virgin taste buds.

When living in Sonoma County, you’re pretty much expected to be thirsty for (knowledge of) all things wine – even if you’re just in your twenties. But college parties aren’t exactly filled with local Pinots. Sure, you might pick up a bottle of wine for a Netflix night with friends but, being on a budget, you’ll go for cheap rather than refined. As soon as you graduate, however, something seems to change. While you’re (unfortunately) still on a budget, you now want to venture out into the unexplored wine country world – gone are the days of keg stands and beer pong! But fancy wines and tasting rooms can be intimidating. To help you get a taste of the best of Sonoma wine country and develop a more sophisticated palate, we’ve found some of the best wineries and wine bars for young wine lovers with virgin taste buds. Click through the gallery above for all the details, and a few tips from the pros.