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Chloe’s Cafe Closes in Santa Rosa

After a decade of French pastries and boeuf Bourguignon, Chloe's Cafe says adieu.

Chloe’s French CafŽ sandwich maker Anahi Cardona finishes an order, Thursday March 9, 2017 in Santa Rosa. (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2017

A collective groan of “Mon Dieu” has been heard round the county as French cafe, Chloe’s, has shuttered. The decade-old restaurant housed in a medical building on Airway Drive in Santa Rosa, served up some of the best Gallic treats in the county, from authentic boeuf bourguignon and jambon sandwiches to Alain Pisan’s unrivaled French pastries, using family recipes handed down through generations.

Renee Pisan next to the vintage Chloe, a French catering truck that belonged to the family for years, last May. North Bay Business Journal
Renee Pisan next to the vintage Chloe, a French catering truck that belonged to the family for years, last May. North Bay Business Journal

The October wildfires did significant damage to the cafe, including burning the owners’ precious catering truck, Chloe, which was imported from France and a family heirloom. The fires also ripped through neighboring areas including the Applebees and K Mart just blocks away.

The owners will continue to pursue their catering business out of their Windsor kitchen.

“We have thrived over the past 10 years due to your loyalty and support, and you have been such wonderful clientele,” said the goodbye note on the Chloe’s website.

More information about their catering at

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20 thoughts on “Chloe’s Cafe Closes in Santa Rosa

  1. You don’t have to close. don’t let the fires win . its just things that you lost and can be fixed and rebuilt. santa rosa and everybody is here to help you. don’t leave.

  2. This makes me so sad. As a Social Worker in the Health care field Chloe’s was my “go-to” place for great food and nurturing at least once/week. I loved the place, the food and the staff. I even had them cater my 60th birthday party. They will be so missed. I HATE the fires!!!

  3. Tears are falling from my eyes.

    PLEASE re-open! If you could open in a location on Stony Point Road you’d have a line of city and other office workers out your door, all day..

  4. So sorry to hear it, we love Chloe’s in Santa Rosa! Please consider opening in Sebastopol, you’d be welcomed with open arms.

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