Ayesha Curry to Appear at Sonoma Stompers Game

Fans of baseball and fine food will flock to the Sonoma Stompers home game on July 18 to rub elbows with celebrity chef and bestselling author Ayesha Curry. The Stompers, Sonoma’s professional baseball team, will host Curry as part of ZÜPA NOMA Night.

Curry’s a spokesperson for ZÜPA NOMA, a Sonoma-based ready-to-sip organic, veggie and superfood-based soup. She’ll be throwing out the first pitch of the game and giving out freebies of the soup to fans.

The Stompers have made history, not only with their celebrity connections (from Curry to baseball legend Jose Canseco), but with their roster.

Last year the team introduced the first female baseball battery in professional baseball history, by signing Kelsie Whitmore and Anna Kimbrell to the team. The Stompers also signed the first openly gay professional baseball player, Sean Conroy.

Tickets for ZÜPA NOMA Night start at $8. stompersbaseball.com

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