Look Up: Astronomical Events in 2018 and How to See Them in Sonoma County

2018 kicked off with a super blue blood moon, and there are seven night sky wonders to come.

Sonoma residents got moony over this winter’s big celestial event, the “super blue blood moon” that graced the skies in the wee hours of January 31. This kind of eclipse — of the second full moon of the month while on its closest approach of orbit to Earth — last occurred in 1982, and won’t happen again until 2037. But there’s plenty of reason to keep your eyes peeled between now and then.

Two local astronomers — SSU professor Scott Severson and SRJC instructor Keith Waxman — shared the night sky events visible from Sonoma County they’re looking forward to most in 2018. Click through the gallery above for dates and details.