5 thoughts on “Ask Heather

  1. Hey Heather,
    Know anything about the very cool-looking seafood joint with the cool fishy exterior right next to Sazon (GREAT place!) in Roseland? Very curious but haven’t made it there yet…

  2. Hello, Heather I just wanted to let you know about a new Peruvian restaurant opening next week. Sazon is on 1129 Sebastopol rd next to Perry’s deli.

  3. I recently had a torta at Su Casa in Rincon valley and the bread was awesome. Someone told me they get their bread from a bakery on Sebastopol Rd. and all they do is these bolillos but I cannot find it. Any idea where it is and what it is called?

  4. Hi, Does anyone knwo where to get a great bowl of hot sour soup now that Kings Buffet has turned in to an In an Out Burger???

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