5 Popular Perennials with Pop

These unfussy, long-lived plants will ensure beautiful flowers year after year - and visits from butterflies and hummingbirds.

(Image via Landscaping Galleries)
(Image via Landscaping Galleries)

Perennials are a great choice when planting a palette that you can rely on seeing again next year. They are also portable enough that you can dig them up for repositioning in your garden, if you desire some change. Just make sure to plant them in good soil, because they’ll be growing in it for awhile. These five flowering plants are perfect for the hot summers and wet winters that Sonoma County is known for, and will make a stunning, long-lasting addition to any garden. 



Also known as Stonecrop, Sedum requires very little care after planting and is a perfect addition to a drought-tolerant garden. (Image via garden.org)


Flower colors for Sedum include red, pink, gold, yellow, and white. (Image via shawnacoronado.com)


While Sedum is a great filler for larger gardens, it works just as well on a smaller scale for container gardens. (Image via Flikr.com)

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This flower offers long lasting blooms that show in late summer through the fall months. This is not a year-round bloomer, but well worth the wait each season. (Image via knoxnews.com)

While purple is the most widely cultivated, Agastache has flowers in a wide variety of colors that attract hummingbirds and butterflies throughout the summer. (Image via gardenharvestsupply.com)


These tall plants are a perfect backdrop for other, shorter perennials or ground cover. (Image via Atlantic Avenue Garden)

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Bearded Iris


This perennial flower comes in a variety of colors including pink, yellow, blue, red, and purple. They do best when planted mid-summer to early fall. (Image via bssbank.com)

The americaniris society

Bearded Iris blooms in early summer, while some varieties that will re-bloom in the late summer as well. (Image via The American Iris Society)


Irises are known for their fragrance, so if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining, they can help create a pleasant atmosphere for your guests. When I’ve entertained inside, I always make sure to add a fresh Iris to my flower arrangement – and guests consistently comment on the lovely smell. (Image via Dave’s Farm)

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Peonies aren’t only easy to grow, you’ll never have to worry about the peonies in your yard dying off anytime soon – a well-tended Peony can survive for up to 100 years. (Image via shltrip.com)


The long lived flowers have a history behind them. They are the state flower of Indiana, the 12-year anniversary gift, and the national flower of the republic of China. (Image via Ann McMullan)


Because of their gentle coloring and large blooms, Peonies are a popular choice for wedding bouquets, and they go a long way toward decorating your indoor living space. (Image via Etsy.com)

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This is one of the perennials that needs a bit more attention paid to it. Because of the height of some varieties, it will often require staking. In addition, the heat of the North Bay summers may prove challenging to the flowers – shade and frequent watering are key.


Delphinium are nectar-rich, and happy bees will soon be buzzing in your garden if you plant them. This is especially helpful if you, or your neighbors, dabble in beekeeping as a hobby.


The stateliness and elegance of the Delphinium are best used to complement an English ‘cottage’ garden or a more formal outdoor sitting area.

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