What better place to be last weekend than Cheese-a-Topia, the American Cheese Society’s annual gathering in Seattle. SoCo and surrounding environs were well represented, winning dozens of awards from more than 1462 entries. ¬†Cheeesemakers from 225 companies, 34 states, Mexico and Canada entered.

Here are some of the big winners.

Bellwether Farms
– Fromage Blanc (1st)
– Creme Fraiche (1st)
– Blueberry Sheep Milk Yogurt (3rd)

Cowgirl Creamery
– Inverness (3rd)
– Mt. Tam (2nd)
– Devil’s Gulch (3rd)

Vella Cheese Co
– Orro Secco

Epicurean Connection

– Delice de la Vallee (1st)

Marin French Cheese
– Rouge et Noir Breakfast Cheese (2nd)
– Le Petit Dejeuner (3rd)
– Rouge et Nour Quark Plain (3rd)
– Rouge et Noir Brie (2nd)
– Rouge et Noir Camembert (3rd)
– Marin French Chevre (1st)
– La Petite Creme (3rd)
– Schlosskranz (1st)
– Marin Chevre Blue (3rd)
– Melange Blue (3rd)

Cypress Grove Chevre
– Humbolt Fog (3rd)
– Chrevre Log (1st)
– Fresh Chevre (2nd)

McClelland’s Dairy
– European Style Organic Artisan Butter (3rd)

Redwood Hill
– California Crottin (2nd)
– Goatmilk Cheddar (3rd)
– Mango Orange Pineapple Kefir (1st)
– Blueberry Pomegranate Acai Kefir (2nd)

Congrats to all!