Lots of love to Biteclubbers

Lots of love to Biteclubbers

So many folks have been asking about the quiet hiatus of BiteClub the last month. Here’s the deal:

Don’t worry, Biteclub isn’t dead. Just taking a quick beauty nap.

Asks one reader: “Been missing yr blog in the PD online, even b4 the ugly new format — where r u??”

Uh, working as the lead on the ugly new format. (Which obvious I don’t think is ugly!)

After nearly 8 years, it was time for a new Press Democrat. Change is hard, but I’m proud of the work we put into the site and its better functionality. For the next week or so I have to put all my efforts into making that experience as positive as possible for readers — fixing things here and there.

It’s been murder seeing friends and BiteClubbers in the real world who are missing our conversations about the food scene.  I miss them too.

So I thank you for your patience and support as I do double duty on many fronts at the paper.

I desperately miss doing what I love so much, but hope BiteClub will be all the fresher and better when I return in a few weeks.