Kozy Kar recently opened in Santa Rosa.

Kozy Kar recently opened in Santa Rosa.

While most of us were watching the former John and Zeke’s bar in Healdsburg for some signs of life from new owner Sam Young (Scout was supposed to open in March), he quietly opened Kozy Kar Bar in Santa Rosa. Now, that was a surprise. If you haven’t been to the sibling Kozy Kar Bar in SF, you’re in for a, well, new experience.

It’s a 70s and early 80s-themed nightclub, complete with waterbeds, shag rugs, bad lighting, pinball machines, 8-tracks and Penthouse pinup “wallpaper” from that freewheeling, all-natural era.

BiteClub hasn’t been inside the new North Bay Kozy Kar, but folks who have say it’s got more than a few adults-only features (we’ll leave it to your imagination).

The SF version has been both cheered and chided for its tastelessness.

We’ll see what Santa Rosa thinks.

Located in the former Epic, 404 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa.