Not sure
where to eat Indian? Here’s your Naan-o-matic Guide to Indian Eats in Sonoma and Napa.

BiteClub gives a rating from 1-5 (being the best) for Naan (fresh Indian bread served with the meal); Tikka Masala (which, though hardly authentic, is the General Tso Chicken of Indian cuisine and a benchmark for most non-native eaters); whethere they have live entertainment (sitar, bellydancing) or a lunch buffet; price (from $ to $$$$ — Indian food can be surprisingly spendy) and some of the restaurant’s specialties.

Click on the name of the restaurant for more information and details.

Restaurant Naan Tikka Belly Dancing Lunch Buffet Price Specialties
Pamposh 4 5 No No $$$$ Top pick for Sonoma County. Don’t miss the tandoori
or apricot chicken. Well-trained staff and always-spot-on dishes from this SR
kitchen. Tikka is dead on.
Neela’s Indian Cuisine 4 4 No No $$$$ Haute Indian style cuisine with a California influence. Excellent wine list, top-notch naan and delicate flavors that make it a top pick.
Pine Cone UR UR No   $$ Odd mix of Indian and turkey-dishes makes for a
unique, but sometimes confusing menu.
Kabob & Curry House 3 3   No $$$ Solid downtown SR curries.
Sizzling Tandoor 3 4 Yes Yes $$$ Butter chicken beats tikka hands down. Extensive
menu can sometimes be overwhelming.Regional specialties are worth checking
out. Live entertainment including belly dancers and sitar music adds fun. Lunch buffet is solid, but not extraordinaty.
Karma Bistro UR UR No Yes $$ RP/Cotati folks swear by the lunch buffet.
Anna Purna 2 UR No Yes $$ Nepalese and Himalayan dishes add interest to middle-of-the-road Indian in downtown SR.
Tandoori Express 3 2 No No $ Cheap, cheap, cheap. Limited dishes from the steam
tables at this strip mall eatery are passable, but fresh-made naan bumps up
the edible factor. Cash only across from JC campus.
Himalayan Kabob and Curry House 3 4 No No $$$ Petaluma newcomer has struggled with service, but
dishes are worth the weight. Nepalese momo add to the menu.
Masala Jack’s 3 3 No. But Bollywood videos entertain. No $$ A good bet in Cotati, but service can be slow.
Excellent for-take out or newcomers to Indian cuisine.
Shangri-La 4 4 No No $$ Reasonably priced and close to SSU. Solid Tikka and
wonderful naan.
Himalayan Tandoor and Curry House 3 3 No No $$ Nepalese dishes, plenty of vegetarian options that
reflect tastes of Sebastopolians.
Yeti 5 3 No. No $$$ Best naan in Sonoma. Don’t miss the honey naan.
Hidden away in Glen Ellen it can be hard to find, but seriously. The naan.