Author: biteclub

Best Buns in Town

Whether you like ’em grilled, fried, sprinkled with onions, dripping with special sauce, thrown over animal style or pink enough to still be mooing in the middle, hamburgers inspire a fanatical passion usually reserved for...

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Eating for a cause

After months…and months…and months of waiting, a new Cafe des Croissant/Grateful Bagel has opened on the corner of Brookwood and 4th St. One of the few bakeries in the SR (why is that, anyway?), their croissants...

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Pupusas, Part 2

I don’t speak Spanish. I do speak Fried. As in chicken, mozzarella sticks, zucchini, the occasional Blooming Onion, and once a Twinkie. In the universal language of crispy deliciousness, I am fluent. And pupusas, a duo of...

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What's a pupusa?

TGIF: It’s nearly 5pm on Friday afternoon and I’m headed out the door to a brand-spanking new Salvadorian restaurant at the intersection of Brookwood and Mt. Olive (near the fairgrounds in the former China Gate...

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Doing it animal-style at In-N-Out

I’m not a cash-carrying kind of gal. The green stuff just ends up stuffed in a pocket somewhere, or worse, spent. This is rarely a problem until I end up walking into a restaurant, ordering my meal, and only then...

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Sayonara secret sushi

  Good things never last. Takeshi Uchida, who’s been serving up reasonably priced takeout sushi every Monday, Wednesday and Friday out of Santa Rosa’s Oddfellow’s Hall is packing up his knives and moving on....

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Franzi’s Swiss Italian Deli

Without a second thought or even a napkin, I have scarfed down a sandwich the size of Cleveland–beef brisket covered in melty smoked cheddar with mayonnaise, pickles, onions and peppers on a sourdough bun.

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