Just a quick heads up today on a fab find that came in from a BiteClubber about Alcatraz Seafoods. The fish market on Sebastopol Road is now offering made-to-order seafood sandwiches, fish ‘n chips and chowder as well as BBQ oysters, bacon-wrapped tuna skewers, shrimp and salmon kabobs on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

There’s no better spot to get fresh fish than straight from the source, so I had to follow up on this one right away. Bless you, Sylvia W. who tipped me off to the lobster rolls.
Made with toasted New England split top rolls (they claim to be flown
in fresh daily), the a generous fist-full of lobster meat is mixed with
mayo and tarragon and slathered onto the sandwich. For $9.89, it seems
almost a steal to get that much lobster.

Despite the heat, I had to check out the Clam Chowder ($4.25)
as well. It’s a thinner than some of the spoon-standing versions I’ve
had before, but that’s not a bad thing by a mile. I knew I had a winner
when I found a nice little film of butter camped out along the top.
Nice. Though I might suggest just a bit more creaminess, the smoked
bacon adds a nice earthy savoriness to the clams and taters.

There’s also an albacore tuna sandwich ($4.99)
made with ultra-low mercury fish, Bay shrimp ($5.99) in a light Louie
sauce, smoked lox (award winning) and a Dungeness Crab sandwich. On the
fried tip, check it out: Calamari and chips!

Keep in mind this is primarily a wholesale/retail fish market, so seating is a bit of an afterthought. There
are just a couple of picnic tables outside the front door with a lovely
view of the parking lot. And possibly a whiff or two of used ice and
oceanic detritus.
But who needs luxe when you’ve got lox?

market also offers lots of fresh fish — bug-eyed snapper, Ahi,
calamari and the like for subsequent meals. You can fax in your order
ahead of time for quick pickup.

Sea you there.

Alcatraz Seafoods, 3230 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa, 707.527.8876. Open daily 9am to 6pm.