Stamps Good Enough To Eat?

This year's new stamps are pretty darn tasty. And Spock would so dig them too.

Banana splits, root beer floats, a grumpy cat, Pluto and the USS Starship Enterprise are among the tasty new stamps being released by the US Postal Service in 2016.

Now, I don’t usually get all excited about stamps, because the last time I sent snail mail was when you still licked the stamps to make them stick (hint: they stopped lick-ables in 2007). But when the USPS is the common thread to the Venn diagram of my life, well, things get a lot more interesting.  


You see, each year’s stamp releases typically commemorate an important event, place or (usually dead) person. Those are often very unsexy things like Minnesota statehood, vintage seed packets or quilts. Zzzzzz.

This year’s lineup hits me in the kisser with the release of stamps commemorating hermit crabs, sour-looking felines, a hot fudge sundae and the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

Listen, maybe its finally time to get out a pen and some dusty stationary to start penning some witty anecdotes that run more than 140-characters. Maybe it’s time to get out the dictionary and finally learn how to spell “sincerely” without spellcheck. Or (gasp) become a philatelist.

Maybe next year they’ll honor great chefs. Or maybe even food writers… Meanwhile, here’s a look at some of the stamps coming in 2016. More details here.







4 thoughts on “Stamps Good Enough To Eat?

  1. Aww, look at the Gerbil and Chinchilla! I miss my fuzzy li’l pets. =(

    Those ice cream stamps do indeed look fantastic, though.

  2. I find it rather ironic that one of the new stamps celebrates the repeal of the Stamp Act in 1766. Yes, the Stamp Act was not about postage stamps but it struck me as rather funny and ironic.

  3. I’m a former 4th grade philatelist and gastronomy geek. The Great Chefs stamps were out last year (Edna Lewis, Felipe Rojas-Lombardi, Joyce Chen, James Beard and someone named Julia Child). I typically reserved them for mail to my fellow food lovers. Birthday cards and thank you notes will never go out of style, IMO.

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