Try a Deliciously Sweet Swedish ‘Semla’ in Petaluma

This Swedish Fat Tuesday bun is filled with cardamom and almond paste and is topped with whipped cream.

In Sonoma County, every season has its own flavor. In the United States, almost all of our favorite foods have their own day. There’s National Pie Day, National Hamburger Day, National Pizza Day—there’s even National Baked Alaska Day.

In Sweden, where I’m from, we also like to dedicate a day—or a time of year—to our most beloved dishes. There’s Cinnamon Bun Day, All Sausages’ Day and Waffle Day. On most public holidays, including Christmas, Easter and Midsummer, we eat a lot of lox. During late summer crayfish parties, we sip schnapps and nibble on crustaceans. And on the third Thursday of August, some crazy Swedes feast on fermented herring.

For me, there’s no better seasonal treat than “semla,” a deliciously sweet Fat Tuesday bun filled with cardamom and almond paste and topped with whipped cream. Thankfully, for me and the rest of Sonoma County, you can order a semla (or “semlor,” plural – because you’ll want more than one) at Stockhome restaurant in Petaluma throughout February (also available for preorder and pickup).

Make the semla part of a “fika” with friends, a Swedish-style coffee break with some socializing. For more on how to live like a Swede in Sonoma County, check out this article from 2018.

Stockhome, 220 Western Ave., Petaluma, 707-981-8511. Semla preorders can be made at