Traverso’s Reopens

Traverso's Reopens

Bless your prosciutto, Traverso’s is open again for business in the Fountaingrove Village (which several of us agree looks suspiciously like Whistler).

Despite the new digs, there’s a comfortable familiarity about the space — same open cheese case, same folks behind the counter making sandwiches and warming up meatloaf, and the very familiar TRAVERSO’S lettering and friendly sausage-toting deli-man brought from the old location (see above picture).

The wine and spirits seem to have taken on a greater importance, now fully three-quarters of the space. And cheers to that!

So go welcome them to the neighborhood. 2097 Stagecoach Road, Fountaingrove Village, Santa Rosa.

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11 thoughts on “Traverso’s Reopens

  1. Dry your tears and give it a rest Florian….The Traverso’s are some of the hardest working people on the block. They deserve their success and there’s no need for negativity in here. So what if they sell expensive wine? They sell non-expensive wine as well. Then again, I may be talking to someone who is a Carlo Rossi connoisseur. Good luck with life pal.

  2. No economic problems are known to exist in this elite section of liberalville / Sonoma. Please add 2 more bottles of 1984 Jordan Cab to my order to go.

  3. For some reason, we were talking about the architecture in ski villages like Whistler and Aspen — that sort of nouveau tudory cookie cutter thing — in the office. It made perfect sense at the time, but i can see how it was a bit of an obtuse reference. Blame it on Friday-head.

  4. They are sorely missed downtown. I wish them the greatest prosperity. One of the nicest families you would ever want to meet. Great selection of single malt scotch’s.

  5. I don’t think Traverso’s was really ready for the hit they would be moving to Ft. Grove area. It is packed at lunch. They need more salad and take and go items. They need more brands of chips. The wine selection as good as ever. I love Traverso’s and am glad they are in the neighborhood.

  6. Yes, what’s a whistler?…Definitions of whistler on the Web:
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    •someone who makes a loud high sound
    •hoary marmot: large North American mountain marmot
    •goldeneye: large-headed swift-flying diving duck of Arctic regions
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