CLOSED Torch of India

Downtown Santa Rosa Indian lights up lunctime

Lunchtime buffet good. Picture bad.

CLOSED Billing itself as “Solano County’s #1 Indian Restaurant”, Torch of India’s tagline might be a bit of an undersell in SoCo. Because while no one doubt’s Vacaville’s contribution to the expansion of chain restaurants, culinary mecca isn’t usually among it’s descriptors.
Number one is number one, though. And not to be scoffed at. With a sunny new coat of paint on the walls, a solid opening lunch buffet ($8.95) featuring Makhni (butter chicken!), Jalphrez, tandoori, pakora, saag paneer and lentils, along with fresh salads and steaming naan, the Torch is off to a bright downtown start.
Inside the former Kabab and Curry, the bar has been removed to make way for the lunch buffet, and the interior brightened up. Bollywood videos on flat-screen tv’s set the mood, providing instant conversation starters should dates/co-workers/online meet-ups turn dull. (You can brush up on the dance moves here) or here.

The new owners are from the northern region of India, so there’s lots of rich cream sauces (Kashmiri lamb cooked in a cream mint sauce), lamb, tandoor, kabab and clearly-marked vegan and vegetarian dal, masala and curries. The menu runs for eight full pages, so there’s clearly more tasting to be done. Much more tasting. Plus, the beer and wine license is about a week away, as are the belly dancers.
Stay tuned for more tastes, but for now, here’s to being number one. Wherever you’re from.
Torch of India, 507 4th St., Santa Rosa, open M-Sat for lunch and diner (closed 2:30 to 5:30pm) , Sunday from 5:30 to 9:30pm. 569-7500

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6 thoughts on “CLOSED Torch of India

  1. guess you don’t know that fairfield and vacaville have fair-sized Indian populations. And, the Indian restaurants there can blow away anything in Sonoma County.

  2. I would like to thank all our local patrons for their lavish comments. We have had 2 tasting events and have been open 2 weeks. We have each of our customers fill out a critique. 80% of the customers rate us as the best Indian restaurant in Sonoma County. We are striving to raise our standards with every constructive feedback we get. Our phone number is 707 569 7500 Open 11:30 am – 2:30 pm for Lunch Mon-Sat Lunch Buffet $8:95 Mon-Sat.(a dozen dishes to try, with fresh naan brought to your table) Dinner 5:30 – 9:30 7 days a week. Our food prices are 25% lower than the competition with a superior food quality. My cell p[hone is 707 355 0642. We look forward to having you over
    Neil (Business Partner}

  3. My husband and I with our two friends attended their special event – a pre-opening free tasting by invitation – they had a full house and were very attentive and the food just kept coming. The selected menu items were all very well prepared and compliemented each other nicely. They crammed everyone into a 3 hour window to the event- so to get all of that food out in succession, and to keep it hot and serve everyone almost at the same time says something. They supplied each table with a feedback sheet on each dish they asked us to fill in. They really wanted us to critique and give feedback good or bad so they can keep improving. Everything tasted fantastic and the evening was complete enjoyment all around……that is except for the rude 20-something sitting near by who had to let everyone know she was a “culinary arts student” – who cares, let us know when you’re a REAL chef.

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