Tofurky: Yum or yuck?

We taste test to see if this vegan "turkey" is really palatable.

Is tofurky really an alternative to turkey?

Is tofurky really an alternative to turkey?
Is tofurky really an alternative to turkey?

The poor Tofurky. The football shaped loaf of tofu has been a running joke at Thanksgiving tables for years. Tofu instead of turkey? As if.

Thing is, you’d be hard-pressed to find an omnivore who’s ever tasted one. So BiteClub took on the challenge of cooking up the odd blob of tofu and spices with a rice and stuffing surprise in the middle. With Tofurky gravy. First off, it cooks up in about 90 minutes in a casserole dish to which you add carrots, onions and potatoes. Baste with some olive oil, soy sauce and dried sage. The scent is heavenly, and in the time it takes to get old Tom turkey dressed, seasoned and trussed, Thanksgiving is served.

Our unofficial taste test results: It’s pretty darn good. In fact, moister than a lot of turkey breasts I’ve had. The flavor is true to the traditional holiday bird, although there’s a definite “tofu” aftertaste. It’s a reasonable alternative if you’re cutting back on your animal proteins, can’t cook worth a darn (it’s pretty foolproof) or just want something a little different this year.

At least one reprieved turkey will thank you.

Available in the freezer section of most grocery stores.