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Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home, 10 Tips from Local College Students

It’s not easy experiencing what we’re told are the “best years of our lives" from our childhood bedrooms. Zoom dance parties and other fun activities might help.

It’s not easy experiencing what we’re told are the “best years of our lives” from our childhood bedrooms. 

As two college students sent home in the middle of our spring semester, it’s been a strange couple of months. 

Suddenly, we couldn’t see our friends every day and our classes were conducted on Zoom. Basically, we had to do all the work of a normal semester with none of the aspects that make college memorable and fun. 

But we’ve adjusted. It’s fair to say that scheduling FaceTime dates, reconnecting with old friends and getting creative in our hobbies (banana bread, anyone?) has kept a lot of us going. 

And now that it’s summertime and we have no responsibility to watch a constant stream of virtual lectures, finding a summer job is difficult and we can’t do all the things we’d normally do, we’re having to get even more creative. 

Click through the above gallery to learn how we’ve been keeping ourselves busy (and sane).

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2 thoughts on “Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home, 10 Tips from Local College Students

  1. May I also suggest that young adults help out by volunteering? Most of Sonoma County’s existing volunteer base is in the COVID-vulnerable over-60 age group, so healthy young people are needed to fill crucial roles at food banks, food delivery services for seniors, homeless shelters, and more.

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