Scott Beattie Spices Up Ramen Gaijin’s Cocktail Menu

Written by Heather Irwin for BiteClubEats. Cocktail-whisperer Scott Beattie has created a drink menu for Ramen Gaijin inspired by his passion for Japan and, well, booze. Tea-infused whiskeys, along with cocktails that showcase pickled plums and even mushrooms are beyond incredible. Also look for shrub cocktails with seasonal fruit from Bar Manager Gillian Tyrnauaer. We’re a […]
The "Raw Fish of the Day" is the chef's selection. This day it included cucumbers and blood oranges at Oso restaurant in Sonoma. (Photo by Charlie Gesell)

Sebastopol’s Ramen Gaijin Leads Sonoma County’s Passion for Japanese Restaurants

Written by Heather Irwin for BiteClubEats. Don’t know an izakaya from an omakase? Don’t worry, you will. Although nearly a third of Americans included in a 2015 National Restaurant Association survey said they regularly eat sushi or “Japanese” food, the lion’s share of that is Americanized sushi, strip mall teriyaki and Top Ramen. But homestyle […]