How to Embrace the Mushroom Food Trend in Sonoma County

The low-calorie superfoods are naturally medicinal, contain many of the same essential amino acids as meat, and offer fiber plus many vitamins and minerals. In other words: mushrooms really are magic.

Photo by Crista Jeremiason.

Foraging for Wild Mushrooms in Sonoma County

Although Sonoma’s mushroom-hunting season got off to a slow start, 2016 could turn out to be the best year for fungi fanatics since California’s drought began four years ago.

What Obama and Bush both know about wine

Chicken/egg, TV/commercial, show-me-yours/I'll-show-you-mine; which came first, the food or the wine? In our house, such questions carry weight, a seriousness you might consider more properly reserved for electrocardiograms, or matters of national security. The thing of it is, in wine country, the ordinal structure of food vis-a-vis wine matters, not least because you'll neither be fed nor drunk until we've settled the matter. To wit, a wine that my wife adores and that Presidents Obama and Bush Jr uniquely agree upon, because it's been spilled on the official tablecloths of Republican and Democratic White Houses alike...