Super Burger, Cucina Paradiso

An opening and a re-opening:

– Penngrove’s dining scene continues to boom with the addition of The Original Superburger which opened last night. If the name sounds familiar, it’s a sibling to Santa Rosa’s popular Original Superburger on Fourth Street. The menu’s the same. Hours are 11-8 M-Sat, 11-3 Sunday. A spy who was on the scene last night said the restaurant sold out of burgers within a couple hours of opening. Penngrovers must be hungry! 10070 Main, #A (where the Mexican restaurant used to be), Penngrove.

Cucina Paradiso, a longtime favorite Petaluma Italian eatery has moved to their new location at 114 Petaluma Blvd. North. Insiders tell BiteClub that they closed the Eagle Shopping Center location after Thursday night’s dinner and carried all their chairs and tables over the bridge to the redone Moreda’s Sporting Goods. Says my source, “They have retrofitted it out splendidly. We stopped in to congratulate
them last night and you’d have thought the place had been open for
months!” Congrats. 


11 thoughts on “Super Burger, Cucina Paradiso

  1. You people in Penngrove complain alot. Give the place a chance. I went there and it was great. Remember that you live in Penngrove and you have a buger joint. Not many small towns can say that. As for the lady stating that the shakes at Jack in The Box and In and Out are better you should realize that those don’t even have milk in them and they are fake. As for Free Range meat. There is really no such thing. Good Luck Super Burger.

  2. Wow very surprised of all the negative comments. I think super burger is much better since Bill took it over. I used to drive all the way to Cotati for a good burger, but now about 3 blocks from me is a great burger! Keep up the good work!

  3. I’d love to be able to get an organic free range burger without going all the way to Healdsburg–any chance Superburger might offer one?

  4. Certain types of burgers aren’t for everyone. Our meat is fresh ground, hand pressed and has more “stuff” in it that creates the yummy juices that burn off when we flip the burger. We make a point to trim the fat content to 10%-13% instead of the traditional 20% fat content and this goes a long way to control any juice induced flareups. However, there is still that momentary burst of burger smoke poetry 🙂 Frozen burgers have less of a tendency to act so unruly. If you try the burger you may like it, but if a little burger “character” and “umph” doesn’t agree with you I totally agree that you should seek your burger fix at a more mundane establishment.

  5. Please take this as constructive criticism from a potential patron. For the sake of the citizens of Penngrove, I hope that the exhaust hood, smoke filter and grease scrubber for the Penngrove charbroiler are better than those at the Santa Rosa Superburger.
    I tried to eat at the Santa Rosa Superburger a couple of months ago, but the entire street in front of Superburger was covered by thick, blue smoke and the smell of burning grease. Not appetizing. I got back in my car and went elsewhere. Sorry.

  6. So sorry for the burnt burger experience 🙁 Our new charbroiler needs to die early so we have decided to replace it with a new “Southbend” brand charbroiler. Try as we may no amount of adjusting will get the grill acting like a lady 🙂 We grind our own chuck every morning for crying out loud! We’ve got all the ingredients to make the best burger ever, but there is always something that first week, right? Give us another try after Christmas and ask for Bill. We’ll set the record straight!:) Thanks. Bill Cordell (owner)

  7. Super Burger in Penngrove not so super. I am a local from this small little town sometimes claimed by petaluma and sometimes by rohert park but one thing is for sure I always like to try the new local food we have. And in this case I feel I made a mistake. The burger I ordered medium rare had this burnt charcoal taste to it not in a good way. The mocha shake was ok but not as thick and smooth as taylor made machine ones from jack in the box or in and out burger. Out of 10 I give it about a 4.5, the waitress was nice and atttentive but the burger was just not good. The only postive i can report is that of the sweet potato fries mmm reminded of the ones I used to snack on in room service at the hyatt in downtown sacramento. Try it if you like but we have much better burgers in the county from mcnear’s saloon in petaluma to mikes at the crossroads in cotati.

  8. Dear Bite Club,
    Cucina Paradisio is one of my most favorite places ever!! I am now living in NZ for a few years, and I would give anything for the cuisine and service at Cucina Paradisio. Cucina Paridisio is amazing!!

  9. You’ve got a formatting problem. The middle of the first superburger sentence has somehow moved to the end of the cucina paragraph. You had me wondering where Fourth St was in Penngrove!

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