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Sonoma County Swimming Pools: Which Ones Are Open, What to Know Before You Go

Longing to take a dip in a pool? Here's where and how you can do so.

Cooling off on warm summer days while staying socially distanced can be tricky. The beach is of course an option, but what if you dream of lazy descents into cool turquoise waters or a few laps in a pool? Outdoor public and hotel pools are now allowed to be open in Sonoma County and are deemed safe by the CDC as long as you stay at least 6 feet away from people you don’t live with — in and out of the water. But spending the day poolside requires a little more planning in these pandemic times. Cleaning routines are more strict and rigorous than ever, hotels only allow guests at their pools, and there are other things you need to think about before you go.

Click through the above gallery to find out about new pool safety protocols and where you can take a dip this summer. 

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3 thoughts on “Sonoma County Swimming Pools: Which Ones Are Open, What to Know Before You Go

  1. “What’s fueling COVID19 in SoCo” followed by “Sonoma County Swimming Pools: Which Ones Are Open, What to Know Before You Go”.


    1. Therer is absolutely nothing unsafe about swimming at Finley, and I would expect the same is true of Ridgeway. They are doing it right.

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