So…about Simply Vietnam closing in Santa Rosa

Longtime Vietnamese restaurant closes. But don't worry, they've still got a second location.

Lots of hubbub about the sudden closure of longtime Vietnamese destination, Simply Vietnam on Dutton Ave. in Santa Rosa. We sat down with co-owner Jon Nguyen at his family’s second location, Simply Vietnam Express (3381 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa), to see what happened and what’s in store.

“It’s been an emotional few weeks,” he said. After 10 years, the family was unable to come to an agreement on continued leasing terms with the property owner, according to Nguyen. “We were hoping to relocate, but couldn’t find anything,” Nguyen added.

The owner of the building did not immediately return calls.

So, the family has moved their operations to their second location. The team is working on the transfer, bringing staff, recipes and new equipment to the Cleveland Ave. location which has a smaller kitchen. “We’re not leaving. It’s the same owners, and we’re gonna tune this restaurant up,” Nguyen said.

Expect to see their stir fry, pho, and other favorite dishes, along with shaking beef and fried rice appear at Simply Vietnam Express. And, while the fast-casual tea, noodle and banh mi spot will remain a walk-up counter during the day, Nguyen plans sit-down restaurant seating after 4p.m. in the near future.

Current menu online at


11 thoughts on “So…about Simply Vietnam closing in Santa Rosa

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  2. Theres a empty restaurant space in the Rincon Valley Safeway shopping center. Would be a great place for Simply Vietnam.

    1. Yes! That is a PERFECT spot. Nothing has been able to maintain in there and Rincon Valley needs more restaurants.
      This is a great idea!

    2. For some reason that restauarant cannot work for the operators. The other restaurants in the St Francis mall do ok . They really rely on lunchtime & early evening diners.

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