Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar: Six new desserts

Whoopie cookies, macarons, profiteroles, frosting shots and cupcake truffles get added to the Sift menu

Just in time to solidly crush all those silly promises to lay off the sweets this year, Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar is adding six new confections to their cupcake lineup. Throughout December, the pastry peeps worked with Facebook fans to taste-test the new line which rolls out the week of January 10, 2011 — just in time for their Cupcake Wars debut on the Food Network on 1.11.11.
BiteClub got a guided tour just before the holidays. Try not to feel too jealous.

cupcake tuffle at Sift
cupcake truffle at Sift

Cupcake Truffles: Cupcakes and frosting take a whirl in the blender, then get hand-dipped in chocolate to create a bite-sized cruffle. ($2)
Frosting Shots: If you’re in the camp that believes cupcakes are merely convenient carriers for a heaping helping of buttercream, belly up to the bar. Tiny shot glasses get a swirl of frosting, a few sprinkles and their own mini spoon. $1.50
Whoopie Cookies: Two soft homemade cookies sandwich a layer of buttercream frosting. These guys are Whoopie whoppers, so bring a friend to help out. ($3)
frosting shot at Sift
frosting shot at Sift

Profiteroles: Tiny puffs of pastry get a dollop of cream filling and a sprinkly ganache hat. So light and airy, it’s almost like there are no calories at all! $3 for 2.
Macarons: French almond meringue cookies (not the coconut ones) get supersized with smoosh of frosting in between. Classy AND gluten-free. ($3)
Cupcakes: The classic. Minis available by pre-order.
– Coming soon, Ice Cream Sammy: Homemade cookies embrace a scoop of ice cream.
Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bars: Cotati (7582 Commerce Blvd., 792-1681); Santa Rosa (703-4228) and Napa (1000 Main St., Suite 100, 240-4004)