Rosso Mozzarella Bar

John Franchetti is a mozzarella guru

Burrata at Rosso Pizzeria and Wine bar

Burrata at Rosso Pizzeria and Wine bar
Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar’s John Franchetti is something of a mozzarella guru.

Since opening the restaurant, he’s become legendary for the creamy, freshly pulled cheese served daily at the pizzeria and at various farm stands around the county. He teaches classes at Relish Culinary (see upcoming classes)on the art of curd pulling, as well as making this creamy Italian cheese (which is harder to make than you might think).

In preparation for the opening of the cheese-focused Rosso Pizzeria that will soon open in Petaluma, the Santa Rosa outpost has added Mozzarella Bar to the menu, featuring the cheese in it’s many forms: as the cream-centered burrata, stuffed with goat curd, as stracciatella (shreds of mozzarella) or shaved on bruschette.

Heaven in dairy form.

Rosso Pizzeria + Wine Bar:53 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa, 544-3221