New Sandwich Shop From Quail & Condor Owners Coming to Healdsburg

The shop, called Troubadour, will open at the former location of Moustache Baked Goods.

The owners of Quail and Condor bakery in Healdsburg (149 Healdsburg Ave.) have announced they will open a new bread and sandwich shop called Troubadour at the former location of Moustache Baked Goods (381 Healdsburg Ave.) in late November.

Chefs-owners Melissa Yanc and Sean McGaughey (formerly of Single Thread) describe their second venture as “naturally fermented bread, chef-inspired and locally sourced wizardry.” Since opening Quail and Condor earlier this year, the couple has garnered praise for their lacquered pastries, breads and sweets. They’ve continued to intrigue people with the county’s coolest pop-ups, typically featuring chef friends riffing on favorite themes. We recently visited one and tried bao-style steamed pork buns, hot and spicy Biang Biang cauliflower, silken tofu with ginger soy sauce and a tres leches cake we’re still dreaming about.

Sandwich from Troubadour in Healdsburg. (Emma K Creative)
Sandwich from Quail and Condor Bakery in Healdsburg. (Emma K. Morris)
Bread from Quail and Condor Bakery in Healdsburg. (Emma K Creative)
Bread from Quail and Condor Bakery in Healdsburg. (Emma K. Morris)

Quail and Condor’s pop-ups ended Nov. 2 with a Smashburger tailgate, but look for plenty of tasty new ideas, including at their new sandwich shop. Want to become a real “sandwich artist?” They’re currently hiring at

Speaking of hiring, the SRJC Culinary Arts Department is recruiting chef instructor candidates for its adjunct pool. The part-time teaching positions are for spring, summer or fall of 2022. The community college recently resumed about a third of its classes for in-person learning but continues to hold most classes online. That’s expected to change gradually until spring 2022, when the campus is expected to fully reopen. For job description and qualifications, go to