Popeyes vs Chick-fil-A: We Picked the Best Chicken Sandwich

We take to the drive-thrus to see which chicken sandwich will rule in the fast food wars.

In a battle royale in the fast-food Twitter-sphere this week, Chik-fil-A and Popeyes have been duking it out over who actually has the best chicken sandwich…ever.

Popeyes introduced their fried chicken sando with a brioche bun, pickles, mayo and tolerance this week. Chik-fil-a promptly asserted it’s rank as America’s number one chicken sandwich. War ensued.

Of course, food media can’t resist a snackdown, so many of us ditched whatever deadlines we had and headed out to do a taste-test. The results were pretty resounding, but I’ll let you watch the video to actually see where I landed:

The catnip to all of this argument, of course, is the well-known anti-LGBTQ agenda of Chick-fil-A — which made every chicken sandwich purchase a political statement. Plus, they’re closed on Sunday, which is super irritating when you want a freaking chicken sandwich with waffle fries.

Popeyes, according to reports, isn’t especially political, but apparently tends to lean left.

Will the country be further torn apart by the great chicken sandwich debate? Probably not, but if only we could all come to the table together and solve our differences so deliciously.


13 thoughts on “Popeyes vs Chick-fil-A: We Picked the Best Chicken Sandwich

  1. The gal in the video is so obviously an intolerant hater bent on bashing Chick-fil-A for political reasons. She isn’t even a good actor.

    1. A far left reporter working at a far left newspaper writes an article about a left leaning Business and a right leaning Business. There’s only one way that story goes and it has nothing to do with the food

  2. Tolerance??? Heather Irwin, you must be joking. This is one of the most intolerant articles I’ve read in a long time.

  3. Quit Hating on her and her review, and be happy that we have a local food critic like this , most areas don’t! I lean right(which is irrelevant, but people brought it up!), but I agree with popeyes being the best, the po boys they have offered for years beats the chick fil a sando before as well. Chick fil a is gross in my opinion and always has been, soggy and flavorless and expensive.

  4. What?!! “Well-known anti-LGBTQ agenda of Chick-fil-A” is not Chick-vil-A, but the anti-Christian people who think because the people behind Chick-fil-A are anti gay. This is so not true, just look at how they support communities and people. You are stating something as fact that is at best opinion, yours. That is what people are talking about when they say “fake news.”

  5. I truly don’t understand all the energy being focused on these soulless national chains as some sort of vanguard of the chicken sandwich. I can think of a half-dozen locally owned, mom n’ pop joints here in Santa Rosa alone that make a chicken sandwich that kicks the hormones out of either of these LCD auslander examples. Eat local!

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