CLOSED Pine Cone Restaurant

Pine Cone Restauraunt reopens

CLOSED The cherished Pine Cone Restaurant has recently re-opened in downtown Sebastopol under the direction of co-restauranteurs Riley Benedetti (Willie Bird) and Dikendra Maskey (Annapurna).
The menu is a hodgepodge of tofu and tempeh, turkey products (sandwiches, salads) and Indian dishes (curry and saag paneer) — a reflection of the owners’ other businesses but not exactly well-melded into a cohesive dining experience.
There’s clearly a nod to the diner’s greasy-spoon past with burgers, sandwiches and a brunch dishes adapted to a healthier lifestyle. Tofu, turkey and shellfish are major players. Pork and beef are noticably absent.
What could be a unique opportunity for a fusion of flavors, ingredients and styles plays it safe. But despite kinks (inexperienced service, some uneven dishes), Pine Cone regulars and curious Sebastopolians seem eager to see the space revitalized. 162 N. Main St., Sebastopol, 823.1375.