Petaluma Seafood Market Expands to Include New Restaurant

Annalicia Svedise, the daughter of the late Mike Svedise of Santa Rosa Seafood, has built her own sustainable seafood empire.

Petaluma fishmonger Annalicia Svedise has moved her fish market across town to 901 Lakeville St. The daughter of the late Mike Svedise of Santa Rosa Seafood, she’s built her own sustainable seafood empire with line-caught fish primarily sourced from local fishermen. Construction started before the pandemic, and now that it’s finally completed, she’s planning to open a seafood restaurant at the location as well.

Like most food purveyors, Svedise’s business was supported in large part by the restaurant trade and suffered significant losses in the early days of shelter-in-place restrictions. But Svedise said her farm market outlets, the retail store and deliveries throughout the Bay Area have helped her stay afloat.

“So many of the local commercial fishermen depend on my business to help them,” she said. Her products include oysters, clams, sushi-grade fish, smoked salmon, scallops, uni and crab (Dungeness when it finally comes, along with Alaskan). We’re eager to try it out soon! Order online at

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