Petaluma Lighted Boat Parade

A flotilla of decorated, lighted vessels will gather at Petaluma Turning Basin on Dec. 7

The Petaluma Holiday Lighted Boat Parade illuminates the Petaluma River Turning Basin. (photo by Kent Porter, 2012)

Put on a parka, gather the clan and pick your spot on the Petaluma River for one of the most charming holiday parades you’re ever likely to see. A flotilla of decorated, lighted vessels, from canoes to much larger craft, gathers at Petaluma Turning Basin at about 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 7 for a graceful glide into Petaluma’s historical downtown district. The lighted boats remain docked downtown throughout the night behind the Great Petaluma Mill. 877-273-8258,

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