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Petaluma Home Remodeled in an Easy-Breezy Modern Style

The $3.2 million home blends soothing island vibes with clean modern touches and pops of rich color.

A sizable home and ADU (2,950 square feet and 1,200 square feet, respectively) with a super-modern meets beachy style is for sale in Petaluma. The dwellings — which together have four bedrooms and four bathrooms — have been renovated into a contemporary style that veers from some of the lovable modern trends we’re seeing right now. It isn’t farmhouse, and it’s not classic mid-century either. The original home was built in 1995 and has been reimagined for living and relaxing according to today’s tastes.

The home has a simple style with the ever-popular whited-out look to give off the calm feel people are craving in today’s busy and visually noisy world. But the tranquility-forward aesthetic has some rich color thrown in. Many stained wood elements are included, such as flooring, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets and furniture.

Elements like aqua-colored dining chairs and multi-colored textiles add vibrant color to the stained woods and white walls of the ADU. (Rob Sullivan – Vanguard Properties)

There are brilliant touches of bright color, too: deep blue tile in the ADU’s kitchen, orange umbrellas outside and a welcome sea-foam-colored paint in the bathroom (hello, ’90s). These elements come together to make an inspired and soothing environment.

When you learn that the homeowners lived in Hawaii, it makes sense that this home would have those satisfying beachy vibes. But there are no clichés here. It’s not all starfish pillows or “sandy feet” signs. The home just borrows the pretty palette of the oceanside for its subdued tropical appearance.

An ADU sits on a second story above the garage offering panoramic views. The design elements are not an afterthought. Details like aqua-colored dining chairs and multi-colored textiles add vibrant color to the stained woods and white walls.

The home’s sparse and tranquil vibes are carried outside to a stone patio with a simple rectangular pool and hot tub combo. (Rob Sullivan – Vanguard Properties)

The sparse and tranquil vibes are carried outside to a simple rectangular pool and spa combo. The bottom of the pool is lined with pebbles that provide a sensory treat for world-weary feet. The black pebble bottom absorbs temperatures well, according to listing agent Rob Sullivan, allowing the pool to heat on its own. Plants grow separated in “islands” — a disciplined look that’s modern both visually and in terms of fire resistance.

The homeowners tended to a variety of details, from a fire-safe steel roof to super-convenient motorized blinds.

All of this living space is priced at $3.2 million.

For more information, contact listing agent Rob Sullivan with Vanguard Properties, 151 Petaluma Blvd. South, Suite 137, Petaluma, 707-772-9171,

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