Panettone Holiday Cookie Recipe

Italian fruitcake was the inspiration for this delicious, nostalgic holiday cookie


Panettone Holiday Cookie Recipe

By Vickie Savino

My husband’s grandparents (both sides) immigrated from Italy in the 1920s. One of the many holiday favorites enjoyed by most was Panettone. My mother-in-law even made bread pudding from the left overs. Over the years those who enjoy this unique taste became fewer and fewer. A few years ago my husband asked me to made one of his childhood favorites as we were hosting the family for a holiday gathering. I was into make cookies so this cookie came from several experiments for taste and texture that resembles the Panettone.

 Oven 375  yield about 48
1 box pineapple cake mix
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup oatmeal flour (1 cup of quick oatmeal blended in food processor into flour)
12 Tablespoons of melted butter or margarine (1 1/2 sticks)
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon orange extract
1/2 lb. candied fruit-type used for fruit cake* finely chopped (a little granulated sugar on cutting board does help)
1 cup golden raisins
* can use candied pineapple and cherries or any combo of candied fruits
Mix cake mix, flour, oat flour, butter, eggs and orange extract with electric mixer on low for one minute. Scrape down and mix on medium for another minute or until all are incorporated. Fold in candied fruit and raisins. Drop by teaspoons onto lined cookie sheets. Bake until edges are golden-12-15 minutes (use timer). Allow to cool for 1 minute before transferring to cooling rack. Store in closed container and can be frozen.
I have taken these as part of cookie trays and folks are pleased enjoy a taste of their heritage.