Owners of Single Thread Restaurant Purchase Noci Farm in Healdsburg

Kyle and Katina Connaughton are set to dramatically grow their farming operations on a new 24-acre farm, which will also serve community needs.

Kyle and Katina Connaughton of the Michelin-starred Single Thread in Healdsburg have purchased a 24-acre farm in the Dry Creek Valley with their business partner, Tony Greenberg, and Bill Price of Price Family Vineyards & Estates. The price tag: $3.72 million — something of a steal considering that the farm was originally listed at $5.5 million.

The farm site was previously home to Noci Sonoma, a luxe agricultural space with fairytale gardens, a state-of-the-art test kitchen and lounge and a membership model that drew city dwellers seeking an idyllic escape. Noci Sonoma had some early success but the owners, Chris and Aria Alpert Adjanis, struggled with permitting for large-scale events and, after recent fires and the pandemic, decided to put the property up for auction.

The Connaughtons, who currently manage a 5-acre farm in Healdsburg from which they source ingredients for Single Thread, have quietly been planning an expanded farm, gardens and educational space focused on sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. They are calling their recently purchased land their “forever home.”

“I have long had a vision to create a shared space in support of vibrant ecology on our forever home, and for that land to serve not only an agricultural purpose but a community and educational purpose as well,” Katina Connaughton said.

Katina Connaughton at her Healdsburg farm. (John Troxell)

During the pandemic and wildfires, the Connaughtons have worked closely with Price to support local nonprofits and agencies, such as the Council on Aging, Corazon Healdsburg, Farm to Pantry and Sonoma Family Meal, who are feeding residents in need. All three envision the new farm as more than just a source of produce for Single Thread. (Editor’s note: Heather Irwin is the founder of Sonoma Family Meal.)

“I want to help them (the Connaughtons) realize their larger vision of being agricultural stewards of Sonoma County and provide them with this ability and space to grow beyond what their needs are at Single Thread,” Price said.

Katina Connaughton hopes to also add a workshop component, floral design and retail sales along with mushroom production to the new farm.

“My farming team and I are excited to share our knowledge of regenerative agricultural practices with other farmers, especially new farmers starting their careers,” she said. “We envision a learning space for those who want to deepen their relationship with their food system and strengthen their craft.”

You can see a video of the property and pictures of the buildings and kitchen at 2836drycreekrd.com.