Odyssey closing

Odyssey closing

rudy.jpgBiteClub has learned that Odyssey Restaurant in Windsor will be closing in July. It’s a bummer, though not totally unexpected, since chef-owner Rudy Mihal’s been hinting at a change for several months now. After two and a half years manning the stove pretty-much single-handedly, he’s ready for a break.
From Rudy, ” I’m going to go to New York for two months then Europe. I’m going to take some time off…Don’t know where I’ll reopen but it…won’t be Windsor,” he told BiteClub.
BiteClub hopes he’ll return to Sonoma County, since he’s a much-needed young chef willing to take risks — not always in abundance in the North Bay. Mihal’s talked about opening an authentic pit-bbq spot in the future. The Gramercy Tavern alum bolted out of the gate, impressing chefs and diners, but the out-of-the-way location, tiny kitchen and down-turning economy proved challenging.
Odyssey will remain open Thursday through Saturday, closing for good the second weekend of July. Rudy says he sold the business to the owners of Bangkok Villa on Yulupa Ave. in Santa Rosa.

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25 thoughts on “Odyssey closing

  1. They say that the first two years are a sure sign of the sucess of a restaurant. I am sad to see that Odyssey didn’t make the cut. Perhaps location and better handling of service staff for your next time around? Best of luck to you and your staff. I sure will miss your pizza’s. They are delicious!

  2. I rate my experience in a restaurant on a scale from 1-10 and Oddesy always received a 10 in my book. Food, service, and friendly. My most prized evening was the night I took my 6 and 10 year old granddaughters. We dressed up and dined on Oddesy’s great pizza. We felt like we were in Italy, and were treated like royalty.
    This restaurant will be truly missed.
    Glenda Castelli
    Manager Windsor Certified Farmers Market

  3. I agree with the person who suggested a better front of the house staff. We tried not two, but THREE times and that Fabiano character treated us like dirt. We haven’t been back since last summer.
    Sorry Chef Rudy. But your demise is partially due to the people who represented your place. They were awful.
    Good luck!

  4. Pardon me Heatehr…But is this guys blaming the fall of his business because of Windsor?
    Come on Rudy. I wouldn’t be so fast to burn bridges if I were you. We Sonoma County people have long memories…especially when it comes to our food and wine.
    Honest opinion, your food was good at times and bad others because no one should ever attempt to be the one man machine.
    Your front of the house was bad. They were rude. Take this as a learning lesson….

  5. …disregarding much of the pro/con rhetoric and editorial comments,…not Windsor? That’s understandable if the failure truly is attributable to location or its inhabitants. But Rudy, please pause and give thought to letting a business savy partner make business location decisions next time, leaving you to focus on your true strength. Best wishes to you! I didn’t mind spending my money at your place.

  6. I’m utterly depressed that we are loosing one of the best restaurants in Windsor. The food was always consistently good and I thought the service was spot on. It’s a shame that a place like Pattersons can get away with serving piss poor food and have crap service, but still thrive, while a place like Odysseys closes. Thank you Rudy for at least taking a chance on Windsor. Maybe you were ahead of your time and Windsor wasn’t ready for it. Best of luck.

  7. First off, Thank You Rudy, for feeding me during 4 solid weeks of construction you and Fabiano kept it coming to keep me going and kept my interest!
    Moving is a nice shot at something much better, man… don’t sweat the BS.
    Always a good neighbor, your Za will be missed…
    Best always bra, cuz luck has nothing to do with it.
    PS- Thanks for the Sausage Stuffer, too bad it had cosco chicken in it…

  8. Lest you all forget. Service is what drives customers to return time and time again. You may forget what you ate, but you never forget whether the service was good or bad.

  9. Glad to see it go; always over rated, the place is too small to allow good service. It could not happen to a ruder place.

  10. As stated by a mystery name “If your not willing to back your words with your name your comments are petty and show that you are also petty so keep your negative comments to yourself.
    give me a break, you hide behind your moniker, so shut up!
    People are simply stating their experiences, just like you do. You happen to be in love with the place other not.
    I had dinner there once about 6 months after it opened. The food was ok, the service was provided by people that were more interested in BSing with someone sitting at the bar….that tells me that they were way to cliquee…
    And didn’t need my patronage.
    that’s all!

  11. I am really surprised by all the negative comments about Odyssey. Rudy is an amazing chef and has given this restaurant his all, and done it all by himself. He has been a risk taker and has done a great job showing people what modern Italian cooking is. Sitting in Odyssey eating beet tartar, pizzas, pastas and fish is like taking a 2 hour trip to Florence, Naples or Sicily. It’s the real deal. Too bad we are going to lose this perspective of Italian food in the county.
    He has also been a great supporter of local farmers & vintners. We are really gonna miss you brother…

  12. I think many of the bad reviews from town green residents is because MANY people who went in there that lived on the town green expected some “VIP” special service because of them being residents. I have witnessed the statement many of time “I’m a town green resident don’t you know” as if that means they should change the pace for them.
    Rudy had nothing but outstanding food. And it wasn’t just the flavor, but the unique combination’s he put together to create each dish. He truly has THE best pizza i’ve ever had in the states, and his creativity with the dishes was just as awesome.
    Rudy has an attitude but I like it. I have been a regular for the last 2 years, I don’t act like I am Rudy’s best friend just because I go in there all the time… he is not unfriendly he’s just BUSY AS HELL as a solo man in the kitchen. He shows his face while cooking back there, that doesn’t mean you should expect him to stop and thank every guest that comes through.. that’s the server/bartenders job!
    SO MANY people go in there and get mad at the service when the bar tender or server cannot stand and talk for very long (it is a restaurant after all). I’ve witnessed it in my 2-3 times a week for the last 2 years visits there.
    Amazing wine selection, amazing food, and even more so an amazingly friendly and food/wine knowledgeable staff. I will miss this place, I have had bad nights like I have had at ANY nice restaurant. But I knew they were always trying their best to please. You will won’t see food like this for a very long time in “no where very good to eat” Sonoma county if Rudy doesn’t reopen. Windsor snobs do not deserve what Rudy has to offer. So I say good riddance to Rudy in the sense of hoping he reopens some where that people can appreciate delicious/creative/abnormal style foods. And I am saying that as a 20yr Windsor resident.
    Good luck Rudy, I wish you the best and hope you can find the perfect location to share and create all the amazing ideas for foods with people who will truly get it.

  13. Odessey Rocks you will be missed. Once again the towns people speak but not willing to show who they are!
    If your not willing to back your words with your name your comments are petty and show that you are also petty so keep your negative comments to yourself.
    Rudy you are one hell of a great chef. Good luck in your new adventures.

  14. Food was good, interior was good, location was not so good and the owner was horrible. Rude-ee we like to say. If he would have been a little nicer to the folks that came in we would have returned. Good bye Odyssey you will not be missed.

  15. Do you know why GG’s Earth and Surf is currently “Closed Due to Technical Difficulties?”

  16. I am surprised it lasted this long. Food was mediocre and the service was horrible unless you were dressed in black and had tattoos and body piercings all over your body. It had some loyal following from the younger unique crowd…. Not a super location either.
    When there twice and that was all I needed to go.

  17. Odyseey is a restaurant without a soul. There is a lot of talent there, but it is not utilized at all. As a Town Green resident, it is sad to see a business leave, but Odyssey will not be missed. As much as people talk about Rudy’s food, it has been consistantly disapointing. The only reason my wife and I went was to see Fabiano, and find out what interesting wines he broght in.

  18. Rudy may have made great food, but we live on the Town Green where the restaurant is located and we were treated terribly. They have horrible customer service, so I say good ridance Odyssey! Town Green is family/people friendly and they certainly were not.

  19. We have had a good experience at Odyssey and a very bad one. I think if there were additional help in the kitchen and less attitude he may have stayed around longer. With so many choices in the county you don’t want to burn bridges with local customers. We wish Rudy all the best.

  20. We will be very sorry to see Odyssey close. We have enjoyed many meals with Rudy and will miss him, Fabiano and the rest of the stuff, as well as the incredible food.
    We wish you the very best, Rudy. Have a blast and then get back here and open another restaurant!

  21. WAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Say it isn’t so!!! OH NO…
    Needless to say, Rudy and his food will be sorely missed! Dang!

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