New Santa Rosa Biker Bar?

New Santa Rosa pub for bicyclists and families is set to open soon

Finally, a place to drink in your biker shorts. Helmets optional.

In a few weeks, Trail House opens in Santa Rosa, a combination craft beer/coffee shop/showroom for the bicycle-inclined.

Conceived by the owner of the Bike Peddler and NorCal Bike Sport, the family-friendly location will offer local beers, SF’s Sight Glass coffee and light nibbles including yogurt parfaits, baked goods, breakfast sandwiches and hot dogs, according to GM and co/owner Shane Bresnyan.


“I think it’s gonna blow everyone’s mind,” he said of the space, which features indoor and outdoor bicycle parking, bike rentals and demos of high-end bikes. Located at 4036 Montgomery Drive, it’s close to Howarth Park and several trails. More details when the Trail House opens.


8 thoughts on “New Santa Rosa Biker Bar?

  1. Has Harley Davidson ever won anything of relevance in competetive motorcycle racing? Or is it just loud junk ridden by losers on drugs? The worst part – the gnarly biker babes !!!!! * that’s disgusting! I will keep my leotards and funny biker shoes and you guys can keep the big pot belly.

    1. obviously you never heard of flat track racing that Harley has won since 1947. I wear leather and I also wear a lycra team kit so just because you don’t know anything about American motorcycle racing history don’t make dumb comments and stick to your hybrid Costco bike. I am not a loser or on drugs and my red head babe rides a bad ass Harley Nightster and can hammer on her road bike as well.

  2. Turtle hats, spandex and toe clip shoes. Now they’re going to be riding the “no shoulder” section of Montgomery drive with a buzz on? Well isn’t that special…..

    1. Hahaha your comment made me laugh out loud. .. ! Although it will NOT be funny to me when I’ve got to relearn my driving to accommodate “the buzzed bikers” ughh

  3. Glenn and Shane are some of the best guys in the business. Been waiting for a place like this for a while. Congratulations, guys. +1 for local guys and local buys.


    1. re-defined “biker” in the new Sonoma County….meanwhile the old bikers are up in Cloverdale riding for Toys For Tots today and the Wagon Wheel had a shuffle board tournament yesterday.

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