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New Puerto Rican?

New Puerto Rican, Underground Food Academy

Just a quick and dirty on two awesome tidbits that just hit my desk.
1. I am beyond excited on finding out that a new Puerto Rican restaurant is in the works at 400 Mendocino Avenue in downtown Santa Rosa. You may remember that the spot recently housed an ill-fated bakery/ice cream shop. I’m still sussing out the details, but the sign says “El Coqui” Puerto Rican and there’s work happening inside. Yum.
2. Got a note from my pals at the Underground Food Academy that there’s still some space left for this Sunday’s “Heart of Darkness: Odd Vegetables and their Preparation” class. It happens from 4-6pm “somewhere in the Mission” (SF) and is $70.
Teaching the class is Leif Hedendal, formerly of Greens, Citron, and Imprevist (Barcelona) and chef of several local underground dining projects. From the crew, “Leif will be introducing us to some unfamiliar produce, from ancho cress to tonka beans and beyond. In this small, hands-on class, we’ll learn how to make some gourmet vegetarian dishes from local, seasonal produce. After the work is done, we’ll sit down to our own creations to chat underground dining or sourcing local produce, all while enjoying some fine local wines.” Sounds like a heapin’ helping of fun. For more details, check out the Underground Food Academy website.

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2 thoughts on “New Puerto Rican?

  1. YAY!!! This is the most awesome news I’ve read all day.
    Until finding Sol Food in San Rafael a few years ago, my only option when craving PR food was making it myself or going back to NJ to visit my family. I’ve made more than one pasteles run to Marin. 😉
    I have 5 PR cookbooks, but there are a lot of dishes that are just too much work for me, so I end up making the same 5 or 6 dishes or so and craving so many more.
    Really, really awesome news!

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