El Coqui

UPDATE: I am beyond excited on finding out that a new Puerto Rican restaurant
is in the works at 400 Mendocino Avenue in downtown Santa Rosa. You may
remember that the spot recently housed an ill-fated bakery/ice cream
So here are the details: I stopped by at lunch today to find a whirlwind of activity — mostly all kinds of restaurant equipment being unloaded. Tina Jackson and her business partner Jacqueline Roman are hoping to have the restaurant up and running by May. The vibe will be casual sit-down Puerto Rican dining with a bar (good luck on the that license ladies!).
They’ve named the restaurant El Coqui, in honor of the island nation’s mascot, a small treefrog.
Jacqueline, who’ll be running the food-side of the business, is a native of Queens, NY and comes from a long line of Puerto Rican cooks — which lends some serious cred to the venture.
Menu details are still in the works, but the gals tell BiteClub that they’re planning on featuring lots of plantains, steak, beans, rice and all the yummy Puerto Rican goodness I’ve missed so much since leaving the Big Apple.